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Amazon launches Guard Duty threat detection service powered by machine learning

Amazon Guard Duty, a new service announced Tuesday, provides constant, intelligent threat detection for Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts and workloads. Unveiled at a keynote address during the firm’s re: Invent conference, Guard Duty starts by ingesting data from both public and AWS-generated data feeds, a blog post said. It then uses machine learning to […]

As cloud services gain steam, is security keeping up?

Whether there’s a lack of data security in cloud environments or not is a topic of heated debate. To help clear the air, Dave Shackleford, a well-respected security consultant (Voodoo Security) and SANS Institute instructor, conducts an annual survey interviewing security analysts from a wide range of industries, including technology, cybersecurity, banking and finance, and government. Shackleford’s interest is […]

Microsoft reveals Azure IoT Edge: Putting AI at the furthest reaches of your network

Machine-learning systems promise to help firms automatically spot useful information and take intelligent decisions based on the mass of data they collect. At Microsoft’s Connect(); 2017 conference today, Redmond revealed a variety of new services to help firms take advantage of AI services, ranging from new analytics tools to easier ways to incorporate machine learning […]

How to get quick stats on your Docker containers

You have Docker up and running, and you’ve deployed numerous containers onto your network. It should be safe to assume those containers are doing well. But, as we all know, when you assume… That is especially true within the realm of IT. You never want to assume everything is going okay. To that end, what […]

Microsoft streamlines big data analytics with new Azure services

Microsoft today revealed a range of tools for developers, designed to simplify the process of extracting useful insights from big data. The new database offerings and services in Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform were unveiled today at Microsoft’s Connect(); 2017 conference. The major new announcement was the availability of Azure Data bricks, which is designed to […]

Amazon S3 adds encryption, more security features

On Monday, Amazon announced five new security features for its Simple Storage Service (S3) to help customers store and manage their data in a more secure manner. The new features will help customers better manage the encryption status and access permissions of their S3 buckets, according to a blog post from Jeff Barr, chief evangelist […]

How Salesforce is growing its platform to bridge the gap between front and back office.

At its 2017 Dream force conference, Salesforce extended this effort with updates across its product line. This began with the nomenclature, as updates to its Einstein, Trailhead, Salesforce IoT, Lightning, and core Salesforce products all received “my” added as a prefix, to drive home the focus on personalization. The personalization and customization is primarily offered […]

Everything as a Service: Cloud providers solve problems in-house IT can’t and do it more quickly and for less money.

A 2017 Tech Pro Research survey found that companies outsourcing both IT and business functions to as-a-service providers report less maintenance worries, faster deployments, and lower costs. Software as a Service is often the first step companies take into the cloud. But, today’s cloud providers offer on-demand services for a wide range of business and […]

Report: 84% of IT pros will move more workloads to the cloud by 2019 for cost savings, flexibility

Enterprises continue to move critical applications and IT infrastructure to the cloud to increase flexibility and save on costs, according to a new report from Ops-ramp, published Thursday. Some 84% of the 137 IT executives surveyed said they plan to move more workloads to the cloud within the next two years. The top reasons for migrating further were a […]

Salesforce Launches Einstein Analytics: Advanced Analytics Powered By AI on the World’s #1 CRM Platform

The global leader in CRM, today launched Salesforce Einstein Analytics, delivering advanced analytics for millions of CRM users. Einstein Analytics adds a layer of artificial intelligence to the entire analytics workflow, automatically surfacing CRM insights and recommending actions to accelerate sales, improve customer service and optimize marketing campaigns. Millions of Salesforce users have leveraged out […]